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Rave and the Decaforce Sword

Rave Stone
The Main Rave
Rave of Knowledge
Rave of Combat
Rave of Destiny
Rave of Truth
Grants Haru superhuman strength, speed, stamina, endurance with the ability to improve endlessly with time
Grants Haru warrior's intuition and all the necessary knowledge needed to wield Ten Commandments
Improves Haru's abilities further and allows Plue to project forcefields
Allows Haru to speak with Saga Pendragon and hear his prophecies. (Useless in Luceti)
Capable of revealing the truth.
Decaforce Sword: Ten Commandments
Exploding Sword:
Sonic Sword:
Sealing Sword:
Rune Save
Double Dragon Sword:
Blue Crimson
Ordinary heavy iron sword that's unaffected by magic
Powerful sword with no proper cutting edge that's capable of generating powerful explosions on impact
Grants Haru unparalleled speed and lightness but lacks power
A jagged sword that can't cut physical things but slices through anything without tangible form such as fire or magic
A pair of swords, one fire and one ice, useful for fighting multiple enemies, but is difficult to use
Vacuum Sword:
Mel Force
Gravity Sword:
Gravity Core
Solar Sword:
Million Suns
Bloodlust Sword:
Holy Sword:
Capable of generating powerful gusts of air to blow away and paralyze enemies.
Incredibly destructive sword that can cut through anything but is extremely heavy
A sword comprised entirely of light that is capable of blinding enemies and dispelling darkness
A frightening sword with the power of carnage that seals all the user's emotions except for aggression
The most powerful (and currently default) form, with the power to destroy evil itself

Smoke Explosion: Creates a smokescreen
Super Explosion: A stronger Explosion than normal
Dance Explosion: A wild, rhythmic string of Explosions
Explosion Mad Dance

High-Speed Silpharion: A series of Silpharion strikes at higher speed than normal.

Ice Side: A blast of ice from the ice blade of Blue Crimson
Fire Side: A blast of fire from the fire blade of Blue Crismon

Demon Seal: Can be used to permanently seal a technique.

Mega Gust: A gale-like blast of wind

Explosion + Silpharion = Silver Drive: Creates twelve sonic booms that generate large simultaneous explosions
Mel Force + Explosion = Desperado Bomb: Creates a vacuum and sets off a large chain of explosions within.
Rune Save + Mel Force = Runesave: Creates a vacuum within any matter and seals it open for a maximum of 10 seconds.
Explosion + Blue Crimson = Dual Explosion: The power of Explosion times two!